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Financial Services of America (FSA) was founded in 1984 to teach people about the importance of saving for retirement. Today, FSA’s team of professionals provides comprehensive, full-service financial planning through long-term partnerships with families and individuals.
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Financial Services of America

Retirement and risk management planning.

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FSA Advisors

Investment advice and fee-based planning services.

Any and all other services referenced are an outside business activity not offered through or supervised by AE Financial Services, Inc. (AEFS), member FINRA/SIPC or Financial Services of America Advisors (FSAA), a Registered Investment Advisor. AEFS, FSAA (and any other entities] are all separate and not affiliated entities.

Financial Services of America (FSA) advisors may refer you to local CPAs for tax services (including our business partnership with FSA Tax & Accounting) and attorneys for estate planning services (including our strategic partnership with Benjamin T. Vader, PLLC), if needed, to coordinate and collaborate with you and your advisor on your holistic financial plan (with proper, written authorization).

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FSA Tax & Accounting

Tax management, tax preparation, payroll and bookkeeping.

FSA Health Insurance Agency

Medicare plans, long-term care insurance and individual and group health policies.

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FSA Home & Auto Insurance Agency

Home and auto insurance, commercial insurance, business owners' policies

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Strategic Partnerships

The Law Offices of Benjamin T. Vader, PLLC for estate planning, Medicaid planning, elder law, wills, trusts and probate assistance.

Why Choose FSA?

Whether you are investing for the future, planning for retirement, or already retired, FSA’s experience and services can help you pursue financial success. We are an independent firm, which means we aren’t tied to any specific products or partners. We work with each individual and family to figure out what makes the most sense on a personal level.

Here are five qualities you can expect when working with a financial advisor at FSA:

Our top priority is to really get to know and understand you—your family, your goals, and what is most important to you. This is the most important element to a strong and lasting relationship built on trust.

We will spend the time educating you on investment topics and answering all your questions. We will share our knowledge and experience, making sure you understand each step taken and have a clear view of your total financial picture.

We make recommendations that align with your unique financial goals and objectives. We’re here to make you comfortable and strive to only invest at your pace, with your style.

No one person is great at everything. That’s why we take a full-service, team approach with you and your family to make sure you’re getting an experienced professional in every aspect of your financial plan.
Meeting and talking with your financial advisor should be convenient. Our financial advisors are easy to reach and accommodate client preferences—whether that means meeting at our office, in your home, over the phone, or on video conference—we make it easy.


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