Our Team

Richard James - CEO and President

Richard David James

Founder & CEO

Richard James embarked on his journey in the insurance industry, achieving remarkable success over a span of four years. In 1984, driven by his vision to provide comprehensive financial solutions, he established Financial Services of America. Richard’s aim was to support clients in every facet of their financial lives, encompassing insurance, investments, tax planning, retirement, and estate planning. 

With Richard at the helm, FSA has flourished into one of Michigan’s leading and esteemed financial service firms. His exceptional leadership earned him the prestigious title of Entrepreneur of the Year, while cultivating a thriving organizational culture that has consistently secured the Top Workplace award in Michigan for an impressive twelve consecutive years.

Our Advisors and Insurance Professionals

Sean Beckerman

Financial Advisor

Jeff Bleim

Financial Advisor

A. Scott Carlson

Financial Advisor, CRPC®

John Cole

Financial Advisor, CRPC®

Adam Grubius

Financial Advisor

Mark Kersten

Financial Advisor, CRPC®

Joseph Klimowicz

Financial Advisor

Anthony LaRock

Insurance Professional

Robert LaVoie

Financial Advisor

Jacob McClellan

Financial Advisor

Bryan McLaughlin

Financial Advisor

Jeff Medvedik

Financial Advisor, CRPC®

Ryan Paye

Financial Advisor

Michael Pominville

Financial Advisor

Anthony Reckling

Financial Advisor

Jacob Reeder

Financial Advisor

John Reynolds

Financial Advisor

John Sauger

Financial Advisor, CRPC®

Derek Sember

Financial Advisor

Michael Spica

Financial Advisor, CRPC®, PPC®

Brian Swinney

Financial Advisor

Richard Trombley

Financial Advisor

Mark Virostick

Financial Advisor, CRPC®

Michael Wallace

Financial Advisor, CRPC®

Department Heads

Darci Barrera
Darci Barrera

Director of Operations & Finance

Kaite Hussein
Katie Hussein

Brand Director

Monica Polus
Monica Polus

Director of Client Services & HR

Nicholas Shaheen, CIMA®

Chief Compliance Office, Financial Advisor

Jason Swinney
Jason Swinney

Director of Marketing & Technology

Customer Service Team

Sarah Apostol – Front Desk
Catie Badrak, Financial Team Lead
Debra Beilstein, Financial Service Team
Leeda Belotti, Financial Service Team
Erica Brooks, Financial Service Team
Atiya Brown, Financial Service Team
Samantha Crowley, Financial Service Team
Genna Daniels, Financial Service Team
Kylie Davidson, Financial Service Team

Victoria Mallender, Financial Service Team
Rosette Panares, Financial Service Team
Amanda Rodino, Financial Service Team
Lauren Snyder, Financial Service Team
Olivia Thomaraj, Financial Service Team
Gina Vila, Financial Service Team
LaShounn White, Financial Service Team
Jaclyn Zawicki, Financial Service Team

Support Staff

Daniel Collins, Accountant
Laurie Dostert, Administrative Assistant
Carl Popko, Recruiter

Core Values

A company is only as good as its people. We only employ those who uphold our core values. Our core values are our set of guiding principles that define the qualities we expect from everyone who works at FSA. These values ensure our clients receive the best possible financial planning and service.

World-Class Service: Vastly exceed clients’ expectations and build brand loyalty as a result.

Dedication: Be committed to your success—goals, work, and family.

One Team, One Goal: Work together for the prosperity of our clients and the company.

Driven: Aim to improve oneself, and demonstrate initiative in supporting the goals and overall strategy of the company.

Great Attitude: Enjoy what you do and embrace change.


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Warren, MI 48093

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2515 S. Dye Road
Flint, MI 48532

tel. 800-977-9292 / fax 586-939-3810