Legacy Planning

Legacy planning includes creating the legal framework with your estate planning attorney to help pass on your legacy according to your wishes.

We offer thorough and thoughtful legacy planning that optimizes risk and helps protect your legacy. Our team can help you create clear and effective legacy strategies that align with your vision and values, creating a lasting impact for the next generation.

Why Choose Financial Services of America?

  • Leverage our robust internal team and professional partners with trusted experience with legacy planning
  • Take advantage of our holistic approach to planning and protecting your assets
  • Enjoy recommendations tailored to your preferences while we help manage for risk

It's Important to have an Estate Plan

Working with your financial advisor and estate planning attorney to coordinating and collaborating to align your legacy plan with your estate plan.

An estate plan allows you the opportunity to help legally protect your estate in the worst of circumstances. Estate plans can help direct your assets to your loved ones, to help avoid the probate process, determine who can make medical decisions on your behalf in case you are incapacitated, and more. It’s important to consider creating your estate plan before it’s too late.

Considering all Aspects of Your Legacy

Our financial advisors can coordinate and collaborate with you estate planning attorney to help create your estate plan designed to pass on your legacy according to your wishes helping to:

  • Determine how a will or trust to help meet your goals
  • Name beneficiaries for assets that aren’t covered in your will
  • Appoint someone to have durable power of attorney status
  • Appoint someone to have medical power of attorney status
  • Create a healthcare directive for medical emergencies
  • Research and implement strategies to help avoid estate taxes
  • And more…

Financial Services of America (FSA) advisors may refer you to local attorneys for estate planning services (including our strategic partnership with Benjamin T. Vader, PLLC), if needed, to coordinate and collaborate with you and your advisor on your holistic financial plan (with proper, written authorization).

Additional Services

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Retirement Planning

We provide comprehensive retirement planning through a long-term partnership with you. We design, implement, and continually monitor your plans and investments through an integrated FSA CARES process designed to help you have a successful retirement.

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